Emily's story

Backpacking through South-East Asia

Emily, an 18-year-old girl has just graduated from secondary school in London. She has decided that instead of going to university straight away, she wants to take a gap year, she convinces her parents to allow her and her two friends to travel for 5 months in Asia. However, her mum, Madeline, wants Emily to be completely safe before she goes abroad so the first thing she looks at is Emily's medical records to see if she is up to date with all her vaccines. When browsing through the vaccination records, Madeline finds that either a couple of records are missing or that Emily has not had them. In a panic, she drags Emily to her local GP, they had just moved house and therefore the GP did not have their records. Madeline gets even more panicked and now only has a few days before Emily leaves to confirm that she all her vaccines. She calls their old GP and manages to get an appointment with him three days before Emily leaves, upon arrival the GP informs them that Emily is in fact missing her meningitis vaccine. Before they leave the GP, Madeline asks if it is possible for them to get access to all their medical records. Madeline then decides to get an impli for Emily so she can put all her medical records and in case she has an emergency in another country. The day has come for Emily to leave for Manila, the Philippines, her whole family is very upset that they are going to be apart for five months but at least they are re-assured that if anything happens abroad she has access to all her medical records.

Three months into their trip, Emily and her friends are now in Cambodia and Emily has contracted a really bad throat infection causing her to have a very high fever, after a few days she does not get any better and her friends decide that it is time to bring her to the hospital. Upon arriving to the hospital, Emily realizes she does not have her phone and she cannot actually remember what medicine she is allergic to but she knows it is an antibiotic. Her friends then remember that Emily has an impli and they proceed to download the app on their phones and scan the impli and find out that the antibiotic that the doctor were going to administer, augmentin, is what Emily is allergic to. Within a few days, Emily is completely healed and her parents are reassured.



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