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Impli wants to make peoples lives safer and more convenient by providing people with an implant to store their emergency medical information.



Impli Limited 

London UK

© 2019 By Impli Limited

We are launching our first implantable consumer device. Become one of the first 300 users! 


  • Passive NFC device 
  • LED 
  • Includes implantation and removal
  • Storage capacity of 1912 bytes
  • All components CE marked and RoHS compliant 

Fully interoperable with our Impli App to have your medical data with you at all times. 

Special features for the first 300 users: 

  • LED of choice
  • Be part of the exclusive User Group 
  • Be the first to hear about our future products
  • Free christmas gift box option available


Important: As a quality mark we do not send implants out by post and we offer a free implantation and removal services. The inital implantation events will take place in London in Janurary!


Book your implant to get more info!

Book your Impli Caspian

  • Impli offer free implantation and removal. We will contact you soon to book your appointment. 

    Impli only works with registered medical professionals!