We are launching our first implantable consumer device. Become one of the first 300 users! 


Watch the video attached in the link to understand how our chip works with our new app!


  • Passive NFC device 
  • LED 
  • Includes implantation and removal
  • Storage capacity of 1912 bytes
  • All components CE marked and RoHS compliant 

Fully interoperable with our Impli App to have your medical data with you at all times. 

Special features for the first 300 users: 

  • LED of choice
  • Be part of the exclusive User Group 
  • Be the first to hear about our future products
  • Free christmas gift box option available


Implantation and Removal

  • Impli offer free implantation and removal. We will contact you soon to book your appointment. 
  • Impli only works with registered medical professionals!


Important: As a quality mark we do not send implants out by post and we offer a free implantation and removal services. The inital implantation events will take place in London in February 2020!


Book your implant to get more info!

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LED functionality within chip



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