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Impli wants to make peoples lives safer and more convenient by providing people with an implant to store their emergency medical information.



Impli Limited 

London UK

© 2019 By Impli Limited

How to Impli

Why trust us?

Integrity and a human centric approach are our key values. We aim to build the best software for our customers and build the safest implantation processes and industry standards.


Over the last year we have spent a lot of our time building and perfecting the implantation process so our customers are safe.


We have build a close knit and safe community and are only working with approved suppliers and service partners. 

What are the benefits?

Having an Impli can save your life.


With your Impli you carry around the most important medical information at all times.


Your Impli can not get lost or stolen and therefore is available when you need it most. 



  • Certified implants 

  • NFC technology based implant 

  • LED light

  • MedID app

  • We use registered nurses and doctors